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Keener focus on people, relevance and experiences during SMWHH

Five tips for week, Sabrina Frahm Project Manager

This year’s Social Media Hamburg (SMWHH) underway from February 26 to 28 will be held under the theme of “HUMAN.X: The Future of Marketing Will be Human First and Experience-Driven”. The agenda targets not only people interested in marketing, said Sabrina Frahm, General Manager Social Media Week Hamburg at hilife events GmbH, the organizer of the digital conference. “People like to consume relevant products or content – and especially when it is well packaged. That’s why we are focusing on people+relevance+experience this year. And marketing experts are certainly not the only interested ones.”

International speakers, wide-ranging topics

This year’s agenda features a broad range of topics with many exciting international speakers. “I’m quite sure everyone will find at least five sessions among the 100 on offer regardless of industry or profession. More than 200 speakers are expected,” Frahm stressed and outlined five tips for SMWHH 2020.

1) VR Porn and the Intimacy of the Future?

A panel discussion entitled VR Porn and the Intimacy of the Future will kickstart events. “The session highlights both the technical – what is already possible today – and the sociological side,” said Frahm. Will we soon be living in an era when we no longer have to leave the house. Literally anything can be ordered digitally and delivered to the house e.g. food, entertainment, consumables. Does this also apply to sex as well? A look further afield shows that isolation is not such an unlikely scenario. In Japan, a growing number of people dubbed Hikikomori do not leave their house for years in some cases.

2) Social media and gaming – a common “R“Evolution

Sporting contests can be fought out on the computer at home as e-sports prove. But would the successful online trend be conceivable without social media? YouTuber LeFloid, Christian Baltes (Freaks 4U Gaming) and Lucas Petermeier (FUSE – Omnicom Media Group) will host a panel about “Social Media and Gaming – A Common “REvolution and the role of platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or mixers for gaming and e-sport. LeFloid has over 3 million subscribers making him one of Germany’s most successful YouTube stars. “He brings real star potential and is not often ‘live’. But he can be experienced on Febuary 27 at SMWHH,” said Frahm.

SMWHH-Projektleiterin Sabrina Frahm

3) “The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks”

The U.S. author Joe Federer, who has been head of brand communication at Reddit for many years, should not be missed either, said Frahm. “He’s a real entertainer on stage and is presenting the core theses of his new book The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks, which will be published in September.” Federer will demonstrate the importance of focusing on users in changing digital environments and will highlight his argument with best practices from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.

4) Conversational Interfaces and the Future of Human Language

“I have spent years trying to gain Dr. Carmen Martinez for SMWHH and it has finally worked,” said Frahm. The expert on conversational AI presents complex issues amusingly and understandably. In her keynote Conversational Interfaces and the Future of Human Language, the native Spanish speaker sketches a future in which human-to-machine conversations will be everyday.

5) From the couch to stage

This year’s SMWHH will take place in the Altona Theatre, Altona Museum and the University of Applied Sciences Europe. Haspa will invite guests to a side event at its Neue Große Bergstrasse branch on Thursday evening. “Everything there revolves around founding,” said Frahm. Start-ups can obtain all kinds of tips and learn about the usual stumbling blocks and from other founders’ personal experiences.

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